Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Welcome! (Wherein I cut to the chase and explain this mess.)

Too much energy wasted composing literate critique and offhand observations about film to friends in after midnight e-mails. Zero interest in resurrecting my early 90s "career" as a malcontent, Pauline Kael acolyte for weeklies in L.A. Haunted nevertheless by voices that command my musings on movies be fashioned into cogent prose. Didactic, subjective, glib, furiously earnest, laudatory and often despairing. But never less than passionate. New clunkers, old classics (and their reverse), examined at random to suit the mood, plus the occasional industry-specific reflection. And while this makes me feel more than a bit like Nero (Quick! The world is burning! Put in Jason X!) , it ultimately keeps me from combusting. (Hey! -- medical write-off?...) Enjoy if you dare and share if you must, but remember: "There is nothing quite like that moment when the lights go down and all of our hopes are concentrated on the screen." (Ms. Kael)

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