Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wasn't it nice to see people all giddy again about winning an Oscar? To witness thoughtful and unanticipated honorifics bestowed upon a handful of the most deserving entrants? (see: Tilda Swinton) To hear more than one recipient extol the necessity of making art? To discover that chivalry still flourishes in the expediency-flouting gesture of affording someone her proper say? (Jon Stewart's a mensch.) Jack Fisk should have won Art Direction for There Will Be Blood, No Country for Old Men might have taken home a Sound trophy, and, well, at least they chose the right Hal Holbrook clip, but most everyone walked away with a slice of the pie, and overall Oscar '07 felt like the right kind of prom: thankful, gracious, thoughtful, inclusionary. (Until Gandhi 2 sweeps next year and it's back to the same old drawing board.)


Great Danish said...

Oh come on... you don't think THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL will sweep in '08??

Steve said...

No, although Scarlett Johansson will prove the spoiler in the Lead Actress category, besting Jessica Alba's earnest and uncanny recreation of the young, nubile mantrap Indira Gandhi.